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Scotland's secret bunker

Scotland's best kept secret for over 40 years, "Until Now" Hidden beneath a Scottish Farmhouse, a tunnel leads to Scotland's Secret Bunker. 24,000 square feet of secret accommodation on two levels, 100 feet underground.

Hack Green
Secret Nuclear Bunker
RGHQ 10.2
Near Nantwich


Welcome to the original web site for the Drakelow Tunnels.

EE have decided that they are closing the free webspace that we have had for 16 years from Freeserve.
We will therefore shortly be moving. If you wish to continue following this site please use the www.drakelow.org url
to find our new location. Hope to see you there.

There are several areas to explore, relating to the Drakelow underground factory,
RSG9 1960's nuclear bunker, RGHQ9 1980's nuclear bunker and other U.K. underground sites.

The information and images on this site are the result of over 20 years of research. They are shown here in their original location. If you find them elsewhere they have been illegally copied from here!

This site has evolved over the last 12-14 years. Using it is very similar to what it was always like trying to find info on Drakelow. You have to dig around a lot and often interesting snippets crop up where you least expect them!

Drakelow Undrground Factory, Tunnel 4

Drakelow Tunnels.

Former WWII underground
aeroengine factory / cold war bunker.

Virtual Tour

Who Worked at Drakelow?
The Diaries of Albert Fowler
Frequently Asked Questions

The Friends of Drakelow Tunnels / Guided Tours

(Note that the F.D.T. is no longer operating or running the tours)

Quick links for this site:

Drakelow Tunnels:
General Info
1940's factory
1960's R.S.G.
1980's R.G.H.Q.

Peter Rhodes in the T.A.
Who worked at Drakelow?
Albert Fowler's Diaries
1946 Works Council photograph
Virtual Tour

Drakelow Unearthed:
Drakelow Unearthed - Revised Edition

Drakelow Unearthed - Original Version
Drakelow Unearthed Extras:
Unused Background and Incidental pics
Pages 6 & 7 Hostels
Blakeshall Common School
More photos of Blakeshall Common School
Page 35 Shropshire Bunkers

Our photos from 1993
Could this be Drakelow's football team?
Drakelow in the 1950's - More important than we thought

2008 Search & Rescue Exercise
Dutch visitors fly in for tour
Exhibits(2000 - 2010)
1992 video of RGHQ 9.2 whilst still operational


Drakelow Unearthed

Drakelow Unearthed -Revised Edition
The secret history of an underground complex
By Paul Stokes
ISBN 0 904015 76 9
Now less than 30 copies remaining.
Now Available on Ebay

Drakelow Unearthed Extras
Extra photos and info

Also available on-line from : Mike Moore Books


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Drakelow on Video / DVD !
IA Recordings' Drakelow Video


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